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30 Oct '15

Holistic in Business

Posted by Rob DeDiemar

Current business practices across the board are disharmonious to our human nature and our world.  As a culture we have become stuck in this symptom-focused mentality of life, and it’s not working.  We change things like adding lumbar support to our office chairs, but fail to consider that maybe it’s not natural to remain seated for extended periods of time.  Face it!  If our bodies were meant to do what we do to them on behalf of the almighty dollar, we’d all be millionaires and in optimum health!

As a supporter, believer, and practitioner of holistic healing methods, I feel it’s necessary to bring these same concepts into my business.  When I began writing my company’s inherent values, I was focused on creating an ideal that placed equal weight on customer service along with how Ridiculously Good, LLC. would affect its surrounding community and environment.  Therefore, I decided it was paramount to treat the people of this company as good as the customers in order to maintain a healthy balance of goodwill.  It is important to consider the people in your business as integral parts of the overall business organism, and to treat them as such.  For example, a business that depends on a certain machine will take care of the machine by giving it what it needs to function efficiently.  But when a person is sick and can’t come to work, there’s this unspoken sense of wrong that compels us to the point of apology as though we’ve chosen sickness over business.  Of course, this is not true for every person or company, but our culture certainly places value on individuals that can perform and produce like machines rather than like people, and it’s just not sustainable.   By mixing holistic practices with business practices, I hope to create a healthy, well-balanced company that remains vital for a long, long time.

In business practices as in healing, we must take into consideration the “whole” of the business and not just the parts.  By treating a business like a “whole” thing, we can begin to understand how to maintain a healthy balance rather than merely resolve symptomatic issues.  Holistic healing is about balancing the whole and maintaining that balance.  For this very reason, it is an essential and inherently valuable for Ridiculously Good, LLC. to be holistic in business.

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