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06 Oct '15

Meet the Maker!

Posted by Rob DeDiemar

My name is Rob DeDiemar, and I am the founder of Ridiculously Good, LLC., as well as, the mind, passion and spirit behind SkYnYzYn™ Handcrafted Skin Care products.  I started Ridiculously Good, LLC. with the mission of producing and distributing ridiculously good alternatives to the conventional products many people commonly use. I decided to make skin care the first target due to the number of products people use on their skin daily.  Nevertheless, the mission of producing truly effective, totally natural alternatives to conventional products is based on the concept of One Person | One Company | Big Difference with the idea being that one person can in fact make a difference. And though this is the very beginning for Ridiculously Good, LLC., much of it began a long time ago.

My passion for mixing began as a child.  I would mix "potions" in paper dixie cups with whatever I could find in the bathroom medicine cabinet (it was the 70's).  I enjoyed mixing elaborate concoctions while noting their consistency, color, smell, or how easily one thing mixed with another.  This passion lay dormant until my early adulthood when I learned about the benefits of essential oils, as well as how to mix and apply them. I quickly developed an interest in holistic and alternative healing practices such as aromatherapy.  I began applying these practices in my own life and experiencing the benefit, but likewise, learned that these practices and philosophies were easier to understand than explain in most cases.  It  became similarly clear that the absence of a discernible and specific healing mechanism made holistic approaches difficult to apply in symptom-focused practices.  I observed how symptom-based healing compartmentalized the cause and effect of disease, but also how holistic healing treated the whole person. What amazed me the most was the fact that the human race had maintained itself largely through these traditional and sometimes ancient practices, but also how these practices became less prominent when medicines made from synthetic compounds became readily available.  And so it goes, but mixing was still just a hobby for me at this point.

My passion for mixing re-emerged in my early 30's when I discovered bartending. Once again, I was mixing concoctions, but this time I was getting to share them!  I was loving the experience, but also appreciating the opportunity to work in a service capacity.  It suited me.  As time progressed and after starting a family, my love for mixing translated into smoothies, natural health drinks, etc, or just finding ways of making healthy mixtures with ingredients that typically didn't taste good.  This happened largely after making the decision to change our family's "in-home" diet to organic and non-processed foods. Soon to follow, I began mixing topical applications to replace the conventional products we no longer wanted to use on our skin.  With this came the realization of how many ingredients we were actually putting on our skin that we knew nothing about, as well as how many of those ingredients were toxic or even carcinogenic.  No, thank you!  As a father, I knew I was responsible for the well-being of two little humans, and I took seriously the choices I made on their behalf.  Mixing was not just my livelihood at this point.  It was a means to keep my family healthy.

Over time, I learned as much as I could about conventional production methods, about the amounts of processed and synthetic ingredients that are used. I learned about the harm that comes from these ingredients and their contribution to life-altering chronic illnesses like cancer.  I considered in turn how these illnesses are then treated.  All of these realizations were sobering to say the least, but not as much as learning that my own grandmother had cancer...again.  Twice, I witnessed her decimating struggle with cancer, and the second time brought no recovery.  Nowadays, this is an experience of which many of us are all too familiar.  Once her battle was over, I reacted differently than I think most people do.  I wasn't relieved at her death despite the peace in knowing she was done suffering.  And overall, I wasn't sad either.  She had lived a good, long life, was never one to wallow and wouldn't want me to either.  Most importantly, she knew how special she was to me and vice versus, but I wasn't relieved.  I was angry for what she had gone through in the remaining years and moments of her life; angry about what had happened to her because of cancer.  That's when I decided to devote considerable time and energy into creating alternatives to the products we commonly use that still contain substances known to harm our immune systems.  In this way, I could at least fight cancer and other diseases by attempting to eliminate some source of exposure with products I made myself from nothing but premium natural ingredients.  Now, my love for mixing became something I could use to help others in a meaningful and beneficial way!

Fortunately, our society seems to be rediscovering the effectiveness of many traditional healing practices, and I couldn't be happier!  As a whole, we have a better understanding of the mechanism of disease, and how much our own choices can affect our risk.  Still, these choices are a bit more critical now because they have to do with what we use and consume every day.  Furthermore, knowing what's in a product is our responsibility as consumers, and it should bring some peace of mind in knowing a product is non-toxic.  However, there are still manufacturers and producers of goods making decisions about what they use in their products based on the bottom line rather than the well-being of their consumers. Having ridiculously good alternatives to those products is the passion and mission of this company!


This is me...

...and, I am Ridiculously Good!